Condition-specific needs

There you may find products and articles that address the needs of the specific conditions of your pet. Please feel free to give us any suggestions!


Kitty and doggy dental health: out of sight, out of mind? Most pet owners take good care of their pets by feeding them well. Heck, you’re probably here because you care about your pet. But many dog and cat owners… Read More ›


Feed your carnivore a raw meaty bone! For most of us, brushing our cats’ teeth is impossible–getting their claws clipped, bathing, etc. is already a nightmare. Some dog owners adopted their dogs late in life and may not want to… Read More ›


Pet having digestive troubles? Here’s a useful product! Back when Faith, my smallest orange-and-white girl kitty, got extremely sick and had to be hospitalized twice (left her in a pet sitter’s care when I was away for a month or… Read More ›