But what if I cannot feed raw?

We understand that many people cannot feed raw or home-cooked food for various reasons, such as:

  1. Busy lifestyles 
  2. Fear of malnourishment
  3. Personal preference

Thus, at  The Raw Explorer, we are committed to also look at the best possible canned and kibble even though we believe that raw is the best. Still, our guiding ethos is to feed the best we can to our pets. If kibble and canned food is the best we can do, then kibble and canned will have to do. (In any case we’d rather you feed commercial kibble than to do an improper raw/home-cooked meal)


You will notice that we do not  review indoor or weight-loss formulas. This is because such foods are high in unnecessary carbohydrates and indigestible plant material–to fill your pet up so that it will eat less. They also contain less fat and less protein to trim your pet down. You pay the same amount of money for more wheat husks and less meat…that is not very wise! Moreover, such formulas also put the health of your pet at great risk, and at The Raw Explorer, we will not promote foods that may in the long-run harm your pet. There are other better ways to slim your pet down. Play with it! Exercise! Distract it with a good meaty bone!

It does not have to be go-raw-or-die. So our bottom line is, to feed the best we can. There are pros and cons to raw diets and commercial foods, and it is up to you to decide for yourself. For us, raw and home-prepared diets are the way to go!

But if people have to feed kibble or canned for whatever reasons, then let it be the best food that they can get their hands on. Do head over here to read more about better non-raw/homemade  food!

Bon Appetit!

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