Better In The RAW

Better In The Raw: A complete raw-food diet supplement for cats

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Better In The Raw (Cats!) for raw feeders–no more worrying about whether you’ve balanced the nutritional requirements for your kitty, and no more dodgy ingredient worries. And…it must be said–no more handling of raw… Read More ›


Adapted from Know Better Pet Food Company’s site: U-Stew for Dogs  U-Stew is a premix for preparing a cooked homemade dog food.  It’s made with 100% human grade ingredients and is suitable for all life stages.  No grains of any kind are used…. Read More ›


IT’S HERE!  In bid to push for healthier pet nutrition, we have done the unthinkable…(what, does one dream of importing stuff from a young age? Really? Apparently we’re not one of those brave souls. I’ve always wanted to be a… Read More ›