Better In The Raw: A complete raw-food diet supplement for cats

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Better In The Raw (Cats!) for raw feeders–no more worrying about whether you’ve balanced the nutritional requirements for your kitty, and no more dodgy ingredient worries.

And…it must be said–no more handling of raw liver! Some readers have told us that they hate handling raw liver, but liver is an absolute must in a raw diet. Alnutrin requires the addition of raw liver, but Better In The Raw doesn’t, so this is good for those of you who are squeamish.

(Better In The Raw (Dogs) blogpost is on its way, so please hold your horses 🙂 Jackie is already loving Better In The Raw for dogs!)

Here is a packet of the heavenly stuff:

2013-04-23 20.55.16

Meow! This is supposed to be a trial pack, but it works great for us because of limited Singaporean freezer space. Mother Dearest was already clucking with disapproval when we put our baggies of pre-made Better In The Raw into the fridge. She said it was clogging up–I kid you not she used ‘clogging up’ on our baggies–her freezer.

This trial pack size is approximately 136 grams and can make up to about 2.7kg of food.

2013-04-23 20.57.23

A peek inside!


Egg yolk, calcium lactate, liver powder, gelatin, whey protein concentrate, psyllium husks, EFA from fish, taurine, kelp, barley grass powder, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E succinate.

Better In The Raw is recommended by many holistic veterinarians and raw-feeding associations !

2013-04-23 20.58.48

Now we decided to make everything at a go, so we poured all the powder–there’s slightly more than enough–into a large metal pot.

2013-04-23 21.00.06

Added 3 cups of water for the entire pack.

2013-04-23 21.01.06

Whisk away!

Here’s video just so you can see the colour and swirl of the mix:

2013-04-23 21.01.33

By now, it should already smell of gently braised meat…yummy! hehe!

2013-03-15 18.58.40

Meat of choice this time: Still mutton.

2013-04-23 21.05.27

Just for fun: Mutton meat stack.

There are some readers out there who have told us that they are leery of thawing and freezing meat, but I assure you if you do it quickly enough there’s no harm.

We’ve been feeding our cats for years from 2kg’s worth of frozen chicken thighs that we partially thaw from a huge brick of meat into separate pieces and placed into baggies—and everything’s good. Also, there’s no need to buy premium grass-fed meat–if you can afford it, great!–NTUC supermarket meats will do.

2013-04-23 21.06.01

Attentive yellow kitty waiting for some meat to drop from the sky. No such luck!

2013-04-23 22.21.44

Hard work. Yes. No joke, especially because we’re doing the entire bag of powder at a go to make 2.7kg’s worth of kitty meals. That means we’ve chopped up about 4 packets of the mutton (each mutton pack is 500g) into small pieces. But the bonus is that we don’t have to add the liver on our own because there’s already liver powder inside the mix. And when you’ve chopped that much meat already, any less chopping is heartily welcomed.

Anyway, the convenience later on in the week is unbeatable. Take out a baggie of Better In the Raw, put in a bowl of water to warm, bathe, divide meat into kitty bowls,put out for kitties while you dry your hair/dress up/put face cream or whatnot, whisk bowls away and it’s time for bed!

Feeding raw is really simple and convenient if you’ll work it into your schedule like clockwork…and yes, kittens and mother cats can eat raw as well.

2013-04-23 22.23.28

Whisk away! Fibre is included in Better In The Raw, so no worries about constipation! And again, no, cats do not need to eat chopped vegetables to survive! (Sorry we’re being naggy, but a local reader’s vet recently told her that her cat needed to eat chopped vegetables to live…no, no, no!)

2013-04-23 22.26.16

Look at our professional-looking wooden spoon! Found it in Mother’s stash and decided that it would be handier than using a normal dinner spoon.

2013-04-23 22.24.55

And here’s the mix that’s started to look suspiciously like delicious, thick Japanese curry. All it needs now is some fried pork/chicken cutlet stuffed with oozy, melty cheese…

Here’s a video of the mix, just so you can see the consistency:

You can add more water to your mix if you like, especially if you’re using minced meat.

And then…

2013-04-23 22.26.33

Portioning into baggies!

We saved a dinner’s worth to feed the cats:

2013-06-06 22.45.25

Delicious Katsu-curry lookalike raw meals!

The whole process (video-ing, picture taking and all) took about 1 hour and a half, so if you aren’t snapping away like a maniac like I was, you should take about an hour, and less if you’re only making half the amount I did!

Of course, what’s a TRE taste test post without some pictures of the kitties’ reactions?

Snapshot 4 (22-5-2013 6-46 PM)


2013-04-23 22.44.47

Set them together just so I could get a family picture…

2013-04-23 22.44.53

CAUGHT MAX RED-HANDED stealing from Muffin!

‘Because Mommy, the food in the other bowl is always tastier!’

2013-04-23 22.45.44

Making a pass at Faith’s bowl. He lunged for her and being a nervous cat she ran for her life! Even Muffin hastily got out of the way, because Max is such a force of nature when he wants his dinner.

2013-04-23 22.48.46

But we caught him and dumped him back at his bowl. This is his disgruntled face:

‘Oh pooh, alright, whatever!’

2013-04-23 22.44.33

Faith came back to her bowl soon enough, and everything was peaceful once more, save for musical munching in the background.

2013-04-23 22.55.31

Here’s Max guarding his bowl, obviously full-ish but unwilling to leave uneaten food alone.  Since this is about what, 10 min after he inhaled most of his meat, we let him guard his bowl for a bit.

Notice also the floor stains? If you don’t put out newspapers for the kitties, that’s what you might get when you feed raw, especially if you use chunky meat, because the cats will drag the chunks out of the bowl to munch on.

You can easily get cheapo NTUC/Giant picnic mats ($2.90 for 1 huge plastic piece) or washable dinner placement mats from IKEA to prevent this from happening.

2013-05-29 11.53.48
Satisfied Smug Kitty.

He was full, but he couldn’t resist eating the rest of the food.

Snapshot 6 (22-5-2013 8-12 PM)
An attempt to make a kitty wheel...didn’t quite work out.

Oh well! At least the cats cleaned their bowls, and we feel terrific that we’ve given them something good. Woots and three cheers for better nutrition and healthier kitties!

[Edit] The wonderful people at Know Better Pet Food Company says that for readers who want to prepare each meal fresh, they can use this amount:

1-1.5 days’ worth of kitty meals for a single cat:

115g meat, 1tbsp powder, 3 tbsp of water

3 days’ worth of kitty meals: 

225g meat, 2 tbsp powder, 1/3 cup of water



Better In The Raw is now a TRE staple! Please drop us an email or text us to get a packet.

For our non-Singaporean, non-Hong Kong readers, please order from here. For readers located in Japan, please head over right here!

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