His Majesty Royal Amber’s review of Ziwipeak cat canned food!


Is it just me or my exotic shorthair cat have extremely opulent taste when it comes to his meals? I’ve tried to feeding raw (he only consumes expensive cuts of meat), occasionally switching in between high-end kibbles & canned, need I mention – always resulting in a “poop fest” in between those switches! *cringe* Then followed by the “fasting” stage after which I allowed that little sod to own me! (this is where I surrendered to my RA’s bidding because he has a habit of not eating till he gets what he wants. Like going on “see-food” strike, yes that’s how he’ll always win the war)Obviously I relented, how can you say no to your loving pet?!?!? Otherwise, how about blaming it on the busy schedule. Prove? Easy peasy, I’ve procrastinated feeding my Royal Highness (Royal Amber/RA) the complimentary can of Ziwipeak (given weeks back for taste & review) So here I am burning my eyes and yes risking the possibility of a “poop fest” this week. Come with us…… Enjoy the ride!

Alright how do we start this……What’s new in my life here, I’m time constrained always and I tend to write the least possible whenever, wherever while praying hard the words come across right……. but for this review, I’ll try my best to be more “long winded”.

I was given a can of Ziwipeak to “testdrive”. RA will only eat 1/2 a can a day, on top of his routine feedings of dry kibbles. Speaking of kibbles, Yes! Shock, shock, horror, horror! I’m a cringeworthy, guilty as charged kibble junkie! Penalize me for loving the convenience which only kibble junkies will understand! But god blimey, don’t I deserve some credit? Only grain-free wet(canned) & dry(kibbles) be allowed to be swimming among digestives juices in RA stomach…….*repeatedly bludgeoning oneself for justifying acts of kibble junkie*

Yes of course, i genuinely care for my feline buddy! I read the benefits and all the positive sides of feeding raw and I won’t deny it’s so much healthier, but at the same time I always procrastinate for valid reasons, me thinks! Eeeeps….. Pardon me, I caught myself justifying the kibble addiction once more! *looking sheepish* Well someday, one fine day…….. Honestly I haven’t got a date, BUT I will be a “RAW” convert puuuuuuuuuurrrdddy soooon……. soon enough, though I’m absolutely sure it’s not happening over the next couple months or so……..although I keep reminding myself the benefits of raw feeding and how much it’ll affect my gorgeous RA health long term wise, I will get there. So you Raw addicts, please bear with me my time will come!

Right, lets get back to the Ziwipeak before I went off for a self justification theory earlier blah….blah….. blah…….I’ve put in some pictures for your easy reference on how he’s fed. RA will only have his canned food pureed! Yes you read that correctly. I kid you not, and he meant business! If it’s not properly blended in he’ll refuse to consume it. It’s a sniff and stare blankly at your face before walking in disgust, while cursing under his breath! I usually dunk the whole can in a blender for less than a minute, dividing them in 2 bowls.

photo (2)

As you can see from the picture Ziwipeak contains huge chunks of what appears to me like chicken heart/liver, but honestly I couldn’t tell but if i had to choose, i’d say it looked very much like kidney beans. I adhered to the strict ruling of only “serving” Royal Amber pate style, so i followed the routine steps of dumping the whole can into the blender for a minute till the right consistency is achieved. I was a tad surprised though,because this is by far the runniest “pate” that’s come off a canned cat food, that’s after it’s taken a beating in my trusty blender. I suppose it’s due the the high moisture/water content? Is it a positive thing? We’ll what the picky eater says…………

photo (1)

First few licks was rather promising as RA seems unaffected by the runny state, in fact he gets very anxious when the spoon I’m feeding him with ran out of Ziwipeak! On a positive note, he finished the first 1/2 can of Ziwipeak in barely 5 minutes! But the aftermath of a runny feed, loads of cat wipes and a grumpy cat! Now the waiting game begins for us as I’ve to patiently wait for his next toilet trip in order for me to determine how well RA manage to fully digest his meal.

I waited till his next toilet visit, which came 30 minutes short of 7 hours after his first Ziwipeak trial. Not trying to be vulgar here, but OMFG!!! My whole unit stinks! *pegs nose as I clean his litterbox* I have a personal habit of cleaning after my cat every time he’s done with his business, be it to urinate or defecate. This infectious clean streak of mine has rubbed off on my stuck up cat too, so if there’s a small urine spot, he’ll start meowing at me to clean up the “mess” prior to his next toilet visit! Talk about owning a cat? My cat bloody owns me big time!

So summary of my experience with Ziwipeak. Easy on RA belly, no runny stools. The nutritional values are on par with the premium range. Not too certain which ingredient made the poop slightly darker than the usual canned range. The cons and biggest turn off for me this time was the smell that came out from that poop! I’d run for the hills! *cringe*


TRE says..

Ugh, we didn’t get any ‘kidney bean’ chunks in our can! That would have been so interesting…anyway, read what The Raw Explorer kitties say about Ziwipeak here!

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