Evanger’s freeze-dried beef tongue

Another novel snack for the kittehs!

Beef Tongue! Evanger’s freeze-dried beef tongue. We’ve tried the beef tripe, and the kittehs loved loved loved it to bits!

Here’s the box:

2013-05-14 22.08.18

Personally, I’ve never tried beef tongue, but they are a common sight in wet markets.

Here’s a recipe for Japanese stir-fried beef tongues for people!

According to Livestrong.com, beef tongue is full of minerals, proteins and fat.

100 g of beef tongue contains 14.90 g of protein! That makes for a filling afternoon snack for little ever-hungry mouths.

2013-05-14 22.08.24

Because it’s so full of minerals like zinc, iron and selenium and vitamins like B-12 (and all these are good), do not feed this every day.  Moderation is good for people AND pets!

If you want to try the human recipe…here’s something to note:

A portion (3 oz) of beef tongue will give you 241 Calories, which will take 67 minutes of walking to burn it off.

On a completely unrelated note, this makes me rethink the bubble-tea (sans pearls, because of the malic acid scare!) that I have been craving. 😦

2013-05-14 22.08.41
This is what it looks like inside. I didn’t count the number of pieces though!

These can be rehydrated to soften them before feeding.

2013-05-14 22.08.50

A huge piece. It is also rather sinewy and didn’t break cleanly with a snap like the beef tripe. This thing is chewy!

2013-05-14 22.09.34

I had to tear the piece into half, and then split it down further.

Here are the kitties’ opinions of the beef tongue:

Shall try a bit of raw beef tongue with them (and a bit of the stir-fried beef tongue for us! So adventurous!) after this…let’s hope that they like raw beef tongue as much as this freeze-dried treat.


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