In bid to push for healthier pet nutrition, we have done the unthinkable…(what, does one dream of importing stuff from a young age? Really? Apparently we’re not one of those brave souls. I’ve always wanted to be a Starbucks Barista–Starbucks, if you’re reading this, I’d really love to be a barista!–But desperate times call for desperate measures, and most Singaporeans are a lazy, time-strapped bunch who will do more for convenience. I dare you to disagree!)…

To make raw and home-made diets easier AND safer

We have done…








The Raw Explorer is proud to be Singapore’s exclusive distributor of:

KBPF round logo jpeg

A complete diet meant to aid pet owners in giving just the right amount of vitamins, minerals and supplements to their pets.

Know Better Pet Food is a small Canadian company firmly based in the belief that nature provides us with optimal ingredients for maintaining perfect health and vitality, and it is also their opinion that we owe to our canine and feline companions the best possible opportunity to remain healthy and vital

Know Better Pet Food (KBPF) manufactures the following vet-approved products:

  1. U-stew for Cats (home-cooked diet)
  2. Better in the Raw for Cats (raw diet)
  3. U-stew for Dogs (home-cooked diet)
  4. Better in the Raw for Dogs (raw diet)

 Supporting veterinarians and associations: 

  1. Holistic Pet Veterinary Clinic, Oregon. Has recommended KBPF for more than 10 years (USA)
  2. Seattle Natural Veterinary Centre, has recommended KBPF for many years (USA)
  3. San Francisco Raw Feeders (USA)
  4. Animal Wellness Centre, California (USA)
  5. Panorama Veterinary Service (Canada)
  6. Waterloo West Animal Hospital (Canada)
  7.–investigating canine nutrition and health
  8. Raw Dog Food & Raw Cat Food – The DogMa Online


Both readers and retailers are welcome to enquire about pricing.

International orders available. We are working on translating the site into Cantonese for Hong Kong readers, but other nationalities are also welcome to enquire!

We are also willing to do product sponsorship for events, especially events that pertain to animal welfare and interests. Please drop us an email!

Now please tell us that we did well in stepping out of our comfort zone and pushing for better pet nutrition in our little country! 

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