Dear Reader,

After our beloved first kitty Faith fell seriously ill, we started The Raw Explorer in hopes of changing the way pet nutrition is viewed in our little country.

Our principle is that raw feeding, done well and safely, is the best for our animal friends–good, wholesome and unaltered foods in their natural states. Based on our own rather lengthy experience of raw feeding, we understand how frustrating it is to have so few Singaporeans to turn to about raw diets. Of course, searching for raw diet foods presents yet another mega-headache, because presently none of the places in Singapore carry lines of good raw diet foods that raw feeders in other countries enjoy.

Through this page, we hope to bring the Raw-Feeding community in Singapore together to discuss about all things raw and nutritious for our furry buddies because we also understand that raw feeding comes with its own risks and difficulties, particularly in the area of nutritional deficiency and safety. Those who are not in Singapore are equally welcome to participate, of course 😉

To make raw feeding even easier, we have brought in raw-feeding supplies for non prey-model raw feeders to help you keep your pet in tip-top shape, because many homemade diets are indeed unbalanced.

Lastly, although we believe raw is the best, we are not raw zealots. We know that busy Singaporeans might not be able to feed raw, or that some are reluctant to take the raw plunge, so we are gathering reviews and discussion of better quality food and treats. If you are interested, join us as a Guest Taste Test Reviewer!

Meanwhile, you can also visit our facebook page to support us in feeding local pets better.

If you feel that you are ready to start your pet on a raw-diet journey, please read up more about raw diets in our Raw Explorer article category which are mostly written by our wonderful in-house blogging machine Arlene,or trip over to the Useful Links section. That’s a must-do! You’ll find much useful information there. Raw feeding is not just about washing a chicken and dumping it onto your pet’s plate!

Please also visit our Raw Explorer Hall of Thanks because the site wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions of those wonderful people!

Looking forward to your little notes, emails reviews, and remember: feed the best you can! Your pets will thank you. 🙂


The Raw Explorer team


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