TRE Resident Blogger Bio: Arlene

Arlene is the resident blogger in the team behind The Raw Explorer. She would like to think that she is a lean mean writing machine, but in reality she’s just a human slave owned by three cats, a couple of parrots and one sister. She has a particular interest in the psychology of companion animals and as well as the nutritional needs of her furry ones.


One of the furry ones. 

Blogging for TRE makes Arlene very happy because she gets to indulge in writing about her pet interests and making new friends from all over the world. Had Life not gotten in the way, Arlene might have become an insurance agent selling…insurance, because she loves meeting people that much. Alas, Life has made it such that Arlene cannot sell bread to a starving man, so Arlene has devoted herself to the world of Linguistics where she thinks she fits snugly for now. Arlene is bad at math, gardening and cannot draw to save her life. She has not yet accepted her lot in life.

Lastly, Arlene relishes the rigor of academic research and hopes to get her PhD one day. But for now she will settle for giving kitty scratches on demand and thumbing through borrowed veterinary journals.

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