The Honest Kitchen: Easy-peesy tea

Are you a tea lover? I sure am, although lately I’ve been getting into the coffee habit too hehe. Teas give so many benefits–lowering your cholesterol, antioxidants, keeping you up and perky…anyway, while most of the time Singaporeans take their… Read More ›


Unlike the lucky folks living in USA (and other countries with plenty of farms), Singapore imports most of its food. This translates into a sadly limited varieties of food for not just humans, but also the pets. The TRE cats… Read More ›

Raw-feeding staples

Here are raw-feeding staples that we carry. Please message us if you are interested. Wysong Call of the Wild meat diet supplement (for cats and dogs) Recommended by Dr. Lisa Pierson Fortiflora-for enticing finicky felines into nibbling raw Also good… Read More ›