Raw-feeding staples

Here are raw-feeding staples that we carry. Please message us if you are interested.

2013-03-12 22

Wysong Call of the Wild meat diet supplement (for cats and dogs)

Recommended by Dr. Lisa Pierson

2013-03-13 22.48.06
Fortiflora-for enticing finicky felines into nibbling raw
Also good for digestive and immune systems

Recommended by Dr. Lisa Pierson

Not sure of whether to take the raw plunge? Try our Raw Starter Trial Kit! 


2013-03-30 17.49.32

Alnutrin WITH calcium 

Recommended by

  1. Dr. Lisa Pierson
  2. Feline Nutrition Education Society

Know Better Pet Food (Both cat and dog range)

Recommended by the following supporting veterinarians and associations:

  1. Holistic Pet Veterinary Clinic, Oregon. Has recommended KBPF for more than 10 years (USA)
  2. Seattle Natural Veterinary Centre, has recommended KBPF for many years (USA)
  3. San Francisco Raw Feeders (USA)
  4. Animal Wellness Centre, California (USA)
  5. Panorama Veterinary Service (Canada)
  6. Waterloo West Animal Hospital (Canada)
  7. DogAware.com–investigating canine nutrition and health
  8. Raw Dog Food & Raw Cat Food – The DogMa Online


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