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Dear all,

Please feel free to drop us suggestions and feedback on how we can improve. We also welcome food brand suggestions–let us know what you have your eye on and perhaps we can give it a try and review! If you have any questions about raw feeding, or just want to chat about pet nutrition, do email us at…we know that it can be really tough trying out raw feeding on your own for the first time.

But remember: we are not vets! We cannot provide you with any diagnosis of your pet’s condition. No amount of internet research and guesswork can take place of a good vet 😉

Here’s wishing you good luck on your own raw exploration journey!

Jaguar Cubs

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  1. Hi! I left a comment on one of your articles a few months ago and just wanna say thanks for the quick response and all the good advice! I’ve been trying my dogs out on a raw diet, and just want to ask if you have any tips on hygiene when feeding raw. Both my dogs have quite a bit of hair, and I worry about them getting the meat juices on their face when they eat. One of our dogs also likes to give us kisses. Should I be concerned about the cleanliness of her mouth after she has her meal? Thanks again for all the help! (:

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