The Raw Explorer Hall of Thanks

The Raw Explorer would like to thank the following wonderful, wonderful people who have contributed to the making of this website! Thank you for running with us and showing us the way!

 Singapore Vets:  

(Please note that this does not necessarily mean that these local vets condone raw or home-cooked food feeding. It just means that they’ve put in effort to help us understand more and we are grateful for that!)

  1. Animal Avian and Veterinary Clinic
  2. Town Vets

International Vets and Associations: 

  1. Dr. Larry Bernstein from Natural Holistic Health Care (USA)
  2. Dr. Bob Ulrich of Holistic Pet Vet Clinic (USA)
  3. Dr. Peter Dobias from Dr Dobias’s Healing Foundation (Canada)
  4. Dr. Lisa Pierson of (USA)
  5. Dr. Jodie Gruensternat from Animal Doctors (USA)
  6. Jonathan from Raw Fed Vets and Honey’s Real Dog Food (UK)
  7. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (USA)
  8. The Feline Nutrition Education Society (USA)
  9. The UK Raw Meaty Bones Support and Action group (UK)

Our growing list of raw-fed friends… 

(Seriously, a passion can bring people together in miraculous ways)

  1. Raw-fed Shelties Romeo & Juliet 
  2. TRE Resident Guest Blogger (Cat):  WinterTiger 
  3. TRE Resident Guest Blogger (Dog): Oreo’s Mama
  4. Clare of Tinkerwolf : Raw-fed Ted and hundreds of raw-fed friends!
  5. Readers who’ve contributed stories of their own journey into raw/home-cooked
  6. Readers who’ve invited us to their homes (awww bless your souls!) and offered us tea, lively discussion and furries to play with!
  7. Readers who’ve dropped us emails of appreciation and/or questions.

We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you!


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