Resident guest blogger (cat) bio: WinterTiger

I got Tiger in late 2012 and knew absolutely nothing about kitty nutrition back then. He was four months old at the time, and like most pet owners I gave him typical kitten dry food formula. But being concerned about human nutrition, I got into thinking about home-cooked food for cats as well: if heavily processed foods like Mcdonald’s is unhealthy for human beings, what about processed food for cats?

2013-06-07 13.51.34


After doing some serious web research, I stumbled onto Dr Lisa Pierson’s (a prominent American vet specializing in cats and raw feeding) website on raw feeding – something which possibly changed my cats’ lives. She explained in a very logical, scientific and why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-earlier way, why cats cannot thrive on dry kibble, and why raw or at least half cooked is the logical choice. So I started ordering all the supplements for raw meat and putting them together for Tiger!

I thought I was pretty much alone in this till I, again, stumbled onto The Raw Explorer while surfing through my Facebook newsfeed in early 2013. Again, this drastically changed my cats’ lives (I got Winter shortly after) as I learnt so much more about raw feeding in a variety of so many other ways.

2013-04-10 12.07.36


As fate would have it, I then met up with one of the partners of the site for tea! Our common passion as cat owners and better-feeding-geeks got us going on so much discussion and fun that eventually she invited me to guest-write for the website whenever I can. I agreed, of course! Every bit to promoting the right nutrition for our pets goes a long way!

The work that we now do on TRE may sound commercial to some, but it is definitely important. It has changed the way I fed my cats and the way I view nutrition. Raw feeding is so much more accessible now and it’s a real pity if people don’t feed their pets better because of perceived inconvenience or just plain ignorance.

Here’s to better pet nutrition for cats in Singapore!

2013-05-28 20.24.14

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