I have got my hands on this!  (Sorry, long overdue post hehe)

For a long time I have been combing Singapore’s pet shops/online forums, hoping to find a supplement like this. BUT NO.

Till now… (that’s one of the reasons why we wanted to start up The Raw Explorer)


This meat diet supplement is recommended by vets for those who are feeding raw, since there are many raw feeders out there who have no idea how to balance vitamins and minerals–or worse, give only cooked/raw meat and nothing else. Whole prey feeders (e.g.: if you feed the entire mouse) are not so much at risk of vitamin and mineral deficiency but for the rest of us non-whole-prey feeders, that is a real possibility.

Here is a short list of vets who recommend this product:

  1. Dr. Randy Wysong (who developed the entire Wysong line)  
  2. Carmel Holistic Veterinary Clinic 
  3. Dr Lisa A. Pierson (Cat specialist & one of the pioneers in raw feeding–we owe her so much!) 
  4. Dr Jeff Feinman of Home Vet

Endorsed also by:

  1. Dogaware.com
  2. Healthypetjournal.com 

Just to name a few.

So you understand why I’m excited about this product ^^

2013-03-12 22

Fits nicely in my palm.
I don’t know why, but the cat in the picture looks traumatized. haha. Does it look traumatized to you? It has the PUT ME DOWN NOW! expression!

2013-03-12 22.59.08

Comes with choice of two cap openings. One teaspoon and the other, a shaker.

This is quoted from Wysong:

Wysong Call of the Wild Canine/Feline Supplement is designed to balance a fresh meat, raw food, or Wysong All Meat diet. Call of the Wild helps achieve archetypal feeding patterns by providing organ meat, fats, connective tissue proteoglycans, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics, herbs and many other micronutrients in the levels and proportions found in natural prey. Wysong’s Biotic formulas are concentrated, non-processed natural food sources of active enzymes, probiotic cultures, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and various other micronutrients in powdered form to sprinkle on foods. Most modern, heat processed foods are devoid of the inherent enzymes capable of assisting in digestion. The enzymes in Biotics assist in the digestion of food, thus helping spare digestive organs while increasing food utilization. The formulation is particularly beneficial to cats on processed commercial diets and to those under stress, gestating, lactating, undergoing rapid growth, or debilitated from enteric, metabolic, infectious or nutritional disease. 

Whew. Quite a paragraph.

Main ingredients: Chicken and chicken liver.

2013-03-12 22.59.54

But I am wondering how I can fit a teaspoon in there? A little small. Time to tell Wysong, since we’re about to order quite a bit from them. CONVENIENCE, my dear Wysong!

2013-03-12 23.00.04

So I prefer this side. Just 3-4 shakes will do.

2013-03-12 23.01.02

The feeding directions: 1 teaspoon for adult animals per 3 oz meal (approximately 85 grams), a pinch for babies.

So I try it out…

2013-03-12 23

Looks like this.

Wysong-sprinkled chicken.

My picky Muffin wouldn’t eat it, but no worries…I have other ways to trick him into eating it…yesssss…my preciouss…

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