I am not paid to gush about it…but I can’t help but do so because… it’s so multi-functional.

2013-03-12 23.37.56

Multi-tasker well loved by cats!

You can use it as a treat, to top raw food, to train kitties, to persuade finicky kitties to eat… … … and it’s a kibble substitute that doesn’t require thawing….short of washing your pets with this, it can pretty much do anything. 

It’s really the only thing that can claim as ‘an alternative to kibble’ because it has no starch, no grain, no veggie proteins. This thing can kick the best kibbles in the teeth and laugh at them!

2013-03-12 23.38.10

Smells wonderful, but not like BBQ meat. More like really tasty fish food that make you want to nip one and try.

2013-03-19 23.03.02

One scoop a day for a mid-sized cat, it says, but it has never been enough for mine. Very quickly they will begin to demand for more.

You have to rehydrate it…but unlike other brands, you don’t get any animal plasma (read: blood) fluids. Some other brands turn water a pinkish red when rehydrated, and some just lie flat on their backs like a dead leaf. Ziwipeak, I’m looking at you!

2013-03-19 23.03.45

If you want to crush it, here’s a handy step-by-step guide:

2013-03-12 23.38.22

2013-03-12 23.38.32

Put in plastic bag

2013-03-12 23.38.42

Begin hitting it (with the flat side of a chopper/ your fist/ a book) as if it had done you a personal ill. DIE, CRUMBLY THINGS! Die!

Very soon, if you were violent enough, it will look like this:

2013-03-12 23.39.17

Tada! Product of your violence.

2013-03-12 23.39.51

Pour it on…

2013-03-12 23.40.09

and mix…

2013-03-12 23.48.04

and feed ! 🙂

I’ve tried crushing Ziwipeak, but this one is more satisfactory…and cathartic. There. I admitted it. heehehee


See Muffin get tricked here: 

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