HARE TODAY: Dehydrated organic rabbit meat

Rabbit meat again! Some cat nutrition specialists believe that it is best to feed cats what they would normally be able to get for themselves in the wild, such as chickens, duck (and various poultry)–though I must say I can’t imagine mine catching geese: those things are vicious! Rodents like mice and rats are considered good game too (but I don’t think people will want to feed their animals frozen/dehydrated hamsters even if we brought it in) and of course, rabbits.

Side note: found some camel and ostrich and emu Jerky for cats and dogs yesterday… Those of you who have emailed us about novel meats (for pet allergies and well, novelty) can rejoice now! ^^

but first, rabbit…

2013-03-19 11.35.52

There are about 7-9 rabbit slabs in the pack, each being about 2fingers wide, reminding me of the finger sandwiches you’d get at high tea, but feels like a crumbly buttery shortbread.

2013-03-19 11.37.22

Trying it on happy cats. We might as well have named our blog HappyCats because our cats love being taste testers so much.

Now I must add that these aren’t specifically cat or dog treats. Since they are not meant to be the sole diet of your pet, these treats can be given to both cats and dogs (cats have a more specific dietary requirements than dogs).

Nom nom nom
Down onto the carpet they go…

We have been eyeing the Dyson vacuum cleaner that’s designed for households with pets. Purportedly able to nip up the tiniest hair/pet dander/mites and food crumbs! Sounds exactly what we need but it’s at $800 per machine! Have to think hard.

2013-03-19 11.41.49

Easily broken up into kitty-sized bites.

2013-03-19 11.42.08

Muffin lost interest in his after awhile, but Faith cleaned up the carpet for me with her itty bitty kitty tongue, she liked it that much ..

2013-03-19 11.45.12

Please give me more rabbit biscuits!

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