Hare Today Dehydrated Rabbit Ears


Rabbit ears! Dehydrated rabbit ears as snacks for both dogs and cats. The idea may be repulsive to some, but the ethnocentrism surrounding what animals we eat and what we do not exists everywhere (FRIED TARANTULAS, anyone?). In many parts of the world, rabbit meat is more common than chicken, and people may well prefer rabbit over chicken, even if Singaporeans may recoil with horror at the idea of eating rabbits and I imagine that some readers may pin my kitties’ pictures on their walls and take turns to throw darts at their kitty faces.

The truth is, rabbit meat is very, very good for cats and dogs. It is low in fat and calories and is an excellent choice for pets who cannot take commonly-found meats such as chicken or beef. In the States, where raw feeding is a huge thing, rabbit meat is easily available, so lucky them–they’ve got novel proteins to try!

So after some sleuthing around, I decided to order some rabbit ears as treats for my cats (and I’ll save a ear for Jackie the local dog when I see him).  Why rabbit ears? Because these ears are…

1.) Dehydrated. Not cooked. Excellent!

2.) Organic grain fed. Even better!

3.) FUR ON. Actually this was one of the main reasons why I ordered this. The fur helps to provide novel texture and chewing on a furry ear also helps to exercise their jaws and clean their teeth. Fabulous!

This is as close to the original prey model as you can get. In the wild, animals consume fur as well, and the fur actually helps to bind shards of bone together into little compact masses, which then allows the bone fragments to pass through the intestinal walls easily.

So here’s my bag!

2013-03-11 23.08.05

There are 15 ears a bag. And they are very big ears.

I tried not to think of them as bunnies, and after I shredded them with a pair of scissors, I stopped feeling so guilty, simply because they didn’t look like rabbit anymore. It’s all psychological.

2013-03-11 22.55.13

Snipped the tip off for my smallest girl cat. This, in its unaltered form, is as daunting for her as it is for me. It’s big! Almost palm-sized. I have small hands, though!

2013-03-11 22.55.00

A variety of ears. They were crunchy and smelled like barbecued meat. I felt terrible for an instant but I got over it…and then I felt bad for thinking that it actually smelled rather delicious. Sigh!

I won’t say more for now, I shall just let you watch the video 😉 You’ll be surprised!

and a second take…

Needless to say, I’ll definitely be ordering more. Love me, kitties! The things I do for you…LOVE ME!

Update:  Faith played with it. =.='”” batted it all around!!

[Edit: To readers who were offended by this post, please remember that we’ve warned you at the top of the post. Please also remember that rabbit meat is no less common than chicken in some parts of the world, and in other parts of the world,  fried guinea pigs are common. I myself am horrified when I see people eating cats and dogs, BUT I understand that it is their culture. Prey have to be eaten by predators– that is an axiom of life. Human beings and carnivores will eat meat. Please rest assured that despite your misgivings, these rabbits were humanely farmed. For those of you who’ve emailed us stating your understanding even though you were repulsed, thank you!]

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  1. Disgusting! Rabbits are FAR more intelligent than cats or dogs and should NOT be used as food. Full stop. Snacks for stupid cats & dogs? You make me sick, seriously. Rabbits are beautiful souls and people treat them like cr@p. Please stop supporting the sick trade in rabbit meat.

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