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Given the amount of interest over the home-made raw diet that was posted recently, we have decided to make Raw Diet Trial Kits based on that simple recipe that we used! 

This is to let you try feeding raw by yourself. Just follow as I did in the post–or you can mix the ingredients in your cat’s canned food for additional health benefits!

2013-03-18 20.59.13

Your trial kit will consist of 2 meals’ worth (or slightly more) of:

1.) Wysong Call of the Wild Canine and Feline Meat Diet Supplement

2.) K9 Feline Natural Freeze Dried Chicken and Lamb

3.) 1 packet of Fortiflora

(Dogs can use this trial kit as well!)

[Edit: For our friends who can’t use Fortiflora, we will give you twice the amount of K9 Feline Natural Freeze Dried Chicken and Lamb!] 

2013-03-18 21.12.16

This is what it will look like.

We are selling the trial kits at $4.50 each instead of $5.60 (cost price) because we want more people to be able to try raw feeding for themselves!

(Disclaimer: You have to provide the meat. hehe)

2013-03-18 22.36.21

Please email or SMS us at 93837453 to secure a trial pack today!

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  1. Hi, I’ll like to receive your trial kit please. I’m hoping to start my 7 year old cat on raw this weekend. Thanks.

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