More training treats (Evanger’s & Bravo!) for cats and dogs!

Stuff that the cats and pup love.

How can any pet owner do without treats?  Some owners don’t believe in giving treats because it might make the pets fat, BUT that’s easily dealt with using portion control and type of treat.

Yum yum!

Here’s are some treats that are good for your cat and dog, and these are what the TRE pets are having these days.  Freeze-dried stuff and one not-so-bad oven-baked treat 🙂

First up

Evanger’s Nothing But Natural Grain Free Jerky Treats (Buffalo)! We got a whole carton of this, intending to try and then share, but they were too good and soon…well, we’ve finished the carton! Of course, Jackie and Oreo helped…

Natural Buffalo, Potato Flour, Dried Chicory Root, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Cultured Whey, Fruits and Vegetables (Blueberries, Cranberries, Carrots, Peas), Sea Salt, Natural Flavors, Oil of Garlic, Tocopherols (Vitamin E).

It’s quite a big piece at contains 6 calories! For training/nail clipping that’d take too long, so…

Haha! Cut ’em into tiny, misery pieces! That’ll make sure your pet doesn’t get fat. Of course, the mostly uniform square shapes come from it being processed. However…at least this doesn’t contain dodgy ingredients like wheat or corn. I do like this quite a fair bit!

Oreo’s mama also gave us tons of treats that poor Oreo can’t eat due to her allergies. Here they are…

100% freeze-dried buffalo meat. Oreo can eat this, but her mama bought so many that she gave us some!

The cats love it…Hershey…not so much.

I must add that these 1/2 inch chunks are too big for both cat(s) and dog, so I’ve cut them as well (Stingy Mommy, remember? hehe) These don’t really cut well. Sometimes you get a clean cut, but other times you get crumbs.

This isn’t as fragrant as other treats…possibly because there isn’t any other ingredient but dried buffalo! Buffalo is also lower in fat than say, lamb jerky.

More stuff! Some of this is going to Tasha:

Doggie Trail Mix! No nuts, of course.

A mix of large chunks of buffalo meat, turkey meat and tiny cheese cubes

Don’t quite like the large chunks of turkey…again, they don’t cut well.

Huge chunks of buffalo

Hershey and Faith love the cheese cubes! Muffin and Max don’t care for cheese much.

And what’s the use of tiny treats without a good treat cup?

Many people use training pouches, but for toting around the house or wet treats, I like this:

Nude Food Movers’ baby food cup @ $6.50 at Toys ‘R’ US ! This is handy for around-the-house and wet food, BUT I think I may have to invest in a training treat-pouch soon.

Cooked chicken bits for Hershey’s first training class with Pup Pup ‘N’ Away! More about that to come soon 🙂 The cats were excited so I gave them some chicken bits…no. They didn’t like it. Raw chicken, okay. Cooked…nah. No thanks.

Still, this box is nice because it has a hinge that keeps the lid and cup connected, unlike most Tupperware containers and Lock & Lock boxes.

And treat away to make new situations positive! That’s how the cats got their nails clipped…and after four years, they come running as soon as I open the drawer and wave the nail clipper….it also helps that I keep the nail clipper in the same drawer as the treats. HAHA! Evil much.

Treat! For pup and any curious cat that wanders by.

Carrier training! For both entrance and staying in the carrier. That’s a hand-me-down Sleepypod carrier from Oreo!

Vet trips… (a ping pong ball/jingly bell worked better to distract the cats)

‘Can we go home now, please?’

Omg those eyes. Treat treat treat! Cuddles from Dr. Lee! Delicious dried silverfish from Dr. Lee! Yum yum yum!

Hershey is now 3.4 kg! This is him attempting to get off the weighing scale after his 2nd vaccination today.  Getting bigger very, very quickly. Not sure if I like that… I want him to grow up so that we can go so many places together, but at the same time, puppyhood is so very, very special!

A last glance at this week’s treat cup contents:

Anyway, you can get the treats at! That’s where Oreo’s Mama and I got them 🙂

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