Homemade Raw Food for the newbie Raw Explorer

It’s time to get a-cookin’ ! Well not really, but I feel like a chef every time I dish up dinner for my cats. This recipe can easily be modified for dogs, because essentially they are the same ingredient: meat!

I have decided to use lamb for today’s post. Fresh lamb is expensive, so the smart Singaporean shopper may hop over to the frozen food section and grab some frozen mutton cubes. I got mine at $6.59 for 9 cubes of mutton (alas I have forgotten to take a picture of that–I will do it when I feed them mutton again!) at Shop and Save. 8-9 cubes of mutton lasts my cats for 2 days with 2 meals per  day.

[Edit: Here is the picture of my mutton cubes! I’m sure Giant sells it at even cheaper prices]

2013-03-15 18.58.40

Cheap and good!

2013-03-15 10.12.39

I put my chopped-up raw mutton in a bowl, place the bowl in a bigger bowl, and then pour in boiling water. This will warm up the meat nicely but not cook it. Room-temperature or warm meat will definitely entice your pet to eat it more. Alternatively, you may run your bag of meat under the shower head with the water set at warm. You may also want to mince the meat so that your pet does not balk at the size of the meat.

2013-03-15 10.13.19

2-3 times a week I will add egg into their food (excellent highly digestible protein source), but you as the newbie Raw Explorer can opt out. It’s hard enough getting the finicky pet to eat raw meat, let alone mushy eggy raw meat! That said, if your pet likes raw egg, go ahead and feed it to them.

I am lightly cooking my quail eggs here, because raw egg white contains a substance called avidin that will bind to biotin (an essential B vitamin) and make it unavailable to the body. Although the yolk of the egg is high enough in biotin to make up for this, if fed as a whole egg, I still prefer to lightly cook my eggs.

2013-03-15 10.52.02

Three rather flat bowls. I prefer using flat/plates when feeding raw because if the bowl is too high, you can be sure that your pet will nip up a large piece and then RUN AWAY TO HIDE AND EAT. It’s a very natural instinct; they need to protect their prey and eat in peace, and also because an overly-high bowl will make it difficult for them to turn their head this way and that to chew! This is something you won’t see if you feed canned or kibble. I found that feeding them away from each other and using flat-tish bowls help to reduce the chance of raw meat decorating my pretty new carpet.

When I first started though, I sat down and caught any kitty sneaking off with meat and dumped it back at its bowl. They soon got the message 😉

You are also going to need a good-quality supplement. One day I am going to invest in a raw meat grinder and make everything from scratch–taurine, ground bone, salmon oil and all. But you probably don’t have that much time or energy to make sure that everything is balanced, so you need something like this:


 101079_2502013-03-12 22.58.27

Since Singapore’s raw feeding community is small–or perhaps there are many, but they remain silent and hidden–you will not be able to find this product anywhere. That’s the purpose of us starting this online blog, actually…we want to bring supplies to the busy raw-feeder, or at least, very good quality food, so that the pets can be healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.

Now for the new-to-raw pet, we need something extra tasty for temptation…Some pets take to raw and give you the ‘where has this been my entire life?!’ look, but some, especially cats, are harder to persuade.

Hence these two products:

2013-03-13 22.48.062013-03-12 23.37.56

Fortiflora and Feline Natural cat food. Both will last you quite some time, because they aren’t the main meal. They are just the dressing on top. If you have a dog, simply switch the products to Fortiflora canine and Canine Natural dog food. If you do not mind, go ahead and feed them the same. As I said, this is merely dressing.

Read about the legendary Fortiflora here. Sadly, many pet shops tell me that they may be discontinuing the Feline Natural Cat food because of low demand. If they should discontinue it, I will bring it in. It’s really great–and smells wonderful to the team at The Raw Explorer as well!

And now that I have introduced to you the ingredients, it’s time to watch my cook show! haha!

There are many ingredients that I have missed out here, such as taurine, salmon oil, and the occasional bit of pumpkin mash. This is just the most basic of meals, and you can be sure that the Wysong Call of the Wild Canine and Feline Supplement will cover your pets’ mineral and vitamin needs. For long term raw-feeding, it is better to add  taurine and salmon oil to your pet’s diet.


I have also tried this with much success: mix minced meat with your canned food. The pet will likely eat everything up because they smell the same. Works best with pate-style canned food. If they eat around the meat, don’t give up, keep trying . Eventually they will get it.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT FEED RAW WITHIN EIGHT HOURS OF FEEDING KIBBLE. Raw meat is highly digestible but Kibble is the opposite. You do not want the raw to mix with the kibble in your pet’s stomach because it creates a very happy breeding ground for indigestion. Some people have fed their dogs a kibble-and-meat mix with no problems, but in others bloating and flatulence and diarrhea have been recorded. We shall just play safe!

For those of you who can use Fortiflora, the product will help your pet’s system to transit. For those of you who cannot, then you may want to use bene-bac. Read about Bene-bac here!

Good luck!

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  1. Hi, thanks for your reviews and tips! I’ve been searching for fortiflora with no luck. Wondering where abouts you’ve gotten yours from?

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