Winter’s Diary: Homestay @ TRE


2013-06-13 01.10.17
Hello everyone! My name is Winter–that’s me, the ridiculously cute grey kitten in the hammock above. I’m about three months old now, and this is about my stay with the TRE folks when my human Mommy WinterTiger went on a holiday! Without me! Imagine!

2013-04-26 21.36.59
I guess I’m a lucky cat, because there I was, just minding my own business along a corridor when a friend of my human picked me up…and I then found a forever home with my human !

My Mommy is now good friends with Arlene @ TRE and they gossip about me a lot. I’m not a really talky girl myself. I prefer to play and eat–and eat I did @ TRE. Seriously:

2013-04-24 23.05.43
Because Arlene said I was a skinny little kitty, I was given three square meals a day. They vary according to her mood, but it’s mostly raw. I would’ve liked it if the folks there gave me more snacks though!

I may be a tiny kitten, but raw’s a piece of cake with me. But if given a chance, I’d still head towards a pile of kibble. Those little nuggets…they drive me crazy. Raw’s good for me, but nah, it’s not as tasty.

2013-05-06 06.49.58
Luckily, the folks @ TRE like variety, so I got lots of variety. Here I am slurping up a kitty stew made out of creamy soup and K9 Natural Feline. NO I DO NOT WANT TO SHARE MY FOOD.

One thing I learnt from the other cats @ TRE is that…when Arlene yells your name when she’s in the kitchen, you haul butt straight to her! Because it’s…TASTE TESTING TIME! Dignity? What dignity?

2013-05-07 23.49.50
This is me, learning the ropes from the older cats. I can never outrun Max, but I really do try to not be the last cat.

I really love Stella and Chewy’s! It’s my favourite!

2013-05-04 10.46.09
This is what I do when I wait for Arlene to prepare my food. She has chewy toes and her last toe is my favourite toe to bite.

I also prefer the TRE boy cats:

2013-04-28 13.39.36
I like Max and Muffin, because they will tolerate me. Here we are, chasing the little red dot! I’m a bit wary of Max because he’s a really bad hunter and he over-charges all the time, bowling over not just me, but other cats. Have to keep an eye on that one.

2013-06-13 01.10.39

Faith doesn’t like me, and I learnt to keep out of her way. Don’t be fooled by her pretty, sweetie-pie face–she hisses at me all the time AND she sleeps in really unglamourous positions. She’s not a lady, this one!

2013-04-26 21.36.40

Here’s me taking my turn at chasing the red dot! Yes we take turns like any gently-bred, gentlecat. I get the most turns at the red dot…I hope it’s because the cats like me!

2013-04-26 21.41.53
Arlene’s friends like to come over and entertain us and that’s why we love visitors! It means EPIC PLAY TIME!

2013-04-26 21.40.44
I’m going to be a good hunter next time, just like Faith, even though we’re not friends.

2013-04-26 21.38.39
Watch me dance!

My favourite friend to harass is Muffin! He makes a really good kitty playground because I can do anything to him and he won’t mind. I hear that this is because he’s a Ragamuffin and they are supposed to be the  Beancurds of the cat world. I AGREE!

2013-05-29 08.52.32
This is me with my favourite toy! I’m at it almost anytime of the day.

2013-05-29 11.17.08
Sometimes I get too rough but Muffin won’t swipe at me. He just sits there and waits patiently till a human passes by and he politely asks for rescue with a cute little meow.

But until then…HIS TAIL IS MINE!!!

Did you know Arlene’s friends wanted her to name Muffin ‘Rambo’ because he was an all-black boy kitty? He should’ve been called BeanCurd instead!

But now my human is back and she’s whisked me off home where I’ll commence terrorizing her other kitty, Tiger. He doesn’t mind me either!

2013-06-07 13.41.54

This is me purring about my life in my Mommy’s warm bed. I didn’t think I’d ever be known by anyone except the crows and cats in the field…but today, I’m known by people from the USA, Qatar, Cyprus, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Ukraine…and even Kenya! Kenya, as in where the HUGE cats they call ‘lions’ roam–talk about lucky!

My Mommy calls this ‘the power of the internet’!

Thank you, my human Mommy! Just keep the food comin’!

2013-05-28 20.24.14
My Mommy took a long time before she could get me to look at her straight! What can I say, I am a successful human trainer…I help humans to be more patient.

Read about my first day @ TRE here!

Do you have any words or questions for me or for my Mommy WinterTiger? You can ask her for kitten-raising tips! Email her @!

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