It’s a girl…or boy?

A kitteny post, this is!

A couple of readers recently (by recently I mean like 3 months ago!) invited me to their house to play with their new kittens…awesome! And that’s how you know how I got kidnapped…just kidding hehehe! I took this long to post this blogpost because I was waiting for the vet to get back to us about the gender of the kitten in question…because no one needs yet another insufferable know-it-all on the Internet!

So back to the story…a reader & her hubby recently got two adorable kittens from local breeders (no hate on them, please) and gave them a lovely home.

This is their first cat…

Genie is a local-bred British Shorthair!

And shortly after, they got Genie a friend!

The problem is… they kept calling this sweetie ‘Mimi’. Short for ‘Naomi’, they said.

A girl cat?

This is Mimi’s butt, which her dad enabled me to snap a pic of by helpfully holding up the tail ahaha!

Hmmm this is no girl kitty, even if the breeder told them explicitly that it’s a girl! Now sexing recently born kitten is hard, but Mimi was already 3-4 months by then, and that isn’t difficult. They wanted a girl cat, and the breeder promised them the only girl bengal in the litter…

‘Me? A girl??? Nah…’

(FYI they got Mimi for $3000 (with a neutering contract) with no pedigree papers or microchip, and usually girl cats cost more. This breeder also tried to persuade them to take Mimi for $6000–with a license to breed. He claimed that this was cost-savings because they could then breed Mimi in the future and sell the kittens to recoup $$ spent. Almost hit the roof when I heard that! Also, because there is no evidence of sale/etc, the readers cannot even pursue the matter even if they wanted to!)

Anyway, here’s a pictorial guide to kitty butts so that you will know if you’ve got a boy or girl cat.

(If you choose not to adopt–and that is your choice–then please at least choose an ethical breeder who breeds only to better the line. A good breeder does not just take care of his pets. Anybody can, and should do at least that. A good breeder studies the genetics of the pets to make sure that through his/her efforts, the lines of the particular breed is improved, weeding out problems such as hip dysplasia, heart problems and other structural and health faults. Thus a good breeder will have already have people on wait lists before they plan and breed, so that every single puppy/kitten is guaranteed a home when they are born. If these people are unable to care for their cats/dogs, a good breeder will and must insist on their returning of the animal, and neutering is a must to prevent puppy/kitten mill breeding. Do not trust just any ‘home breeders’ in general.)

Male cats:

Female cats:

If in doubt, please ask the breeder if he/she would allow you to bring the cat to the vet for a checkup before you place your $ in his/her hands! An ethical breeder will allow you to do that, and will definitely be there to support you through your cat’s life.

Mimi’s owners have a card that says that Mimi is a female cat…well…

As it turned out, Mimi isn’t female. So a card just doesn’t cut it! Go to the vet!

Nevertheless, they have decided not to return/ask for refunds/etc. because after all, Mimi is part of the family already! What’s the point of returning your baby just because of reasons X Y Z?

To end off on a happier note, here’s a cute cardboard kitty fort that you can easily make for your kitties!

Mimi will still remain ‘Mimi’ though…he can be Michael, can’t he? hehe!

Take care of your furbabies regardless!

Sweet, lovable Mimi! :):)

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