TRE pets prepare for Christmas!

[Pet blog post]

The TRE menagerie get ready for Christmas by helping out with cards.

It all started with a certain puppy who stole a pack of cards…

‘What? What did I do wrong?’ 

And was made to take pictures…

Good time to practice some basic life skills as learnt in his Pup Pup ‘N’ Away classes!

  • Down-stay
  • Leave it
  • Watch! (not really a lifeskill, but useful…)
  • Take it (okay not really a lifeskill either, but useful as well…)

‘A card for you, Sir?’ 

‘A card for you too, Ma’am? A red one, perhaps?’ 

‘No? What about these, then?’ 

Of course, a puppy must be paid for his services…so he was offered a card at the end! It took him three ‘take it!’ prompts before he slooowwwwwly mouthed it…

‘Wait…what? You told me to ‘leave it’ and now you tell me to ‘take it’???’ 

But soon…


Managed to get the kitties to take part as well (puppy was not helpful here because he attempted to herd the kitties…)

(whoops! Living behind time–it’s already Dec!)

Have a Happy Holiday everyone! 🙂

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