Hershey’s first lesson!



My first lesson at Pup Pup ‘N’ Away! 

This is me! I was hesitant getting out at first but boy am I glad I did! Such a cozy place to run around! Grass! Leaves! I love leaves but Mommy won’t let me eat them. She digs them out of my mouth every time.

And these are my pupmates! I only have four pupmates because my new teacher says she wants to pay close attention to all of us.

I promise to behave!

Two big pups: Hazel the goldie and Cookie the pretty brown mixed pup.

and a little white pup!

Mommy is very pleased with Snowy’s shot because Snowy’s really shy.

This is my teacher Michelle. She smells of yum yum!

See? Hazel thinks so too!

Hazel is very big!

I like my teacher.

She has the most magical things!

KONGS! I LOVE KONGS! See my frozen kongsicles here! Mommy makes them for me because she says I’m getting barky. But I just miss her. She says I need something to occupy me…

(I heard she just made me 5 kongsicles for tomorrow! I can’t wait!)

This is me, first in queue for any treats to come!



Mommy was given this new thing she calls ‘clicker’. She’s really lousy at it but I forgive her because she gives me a yum yum every time she clicks! If she clicks wrongly I still get a yum yum!

And I mastered this really quickly! I am so smart!

Mommy says I cheated because we’ve been practicing at home. But this is different! I have three girl puppies with me in class!

We also learnt ‘down’!

This shot is taken by Daddy. He’s a lot better at taking photographs than Mommy is. Mommy has two left hands. That’s what she tells me!

I want anything that Snowy has!

I really wanted to play with Hazel and Cookie, but they weren’t interested in me. Mommy says I look like the fat unpopular kid waddling around them trying to get into the ‘in’ crowd. 😦

Dr. Lee said I am not fat. 😦

What does ‘In’ crowd mean?


Teacher’s sheltie friends came by after class! SO. MANY. SHELTIES!




I made a new friend too! His name is Hugo! His daddy helped my Mommy to glue my floppy ear down.

Of course I demanded some more treats for that–and Hugo’s dad gave me a really awesome belly rub!

BELLY RUBS! *tears of joy*

Hugo is the nicest to me! He let me bite his tail, his paws, hang on, chase him around, and bark at him. SO FUN!

This is me and my new chew toy! It moves! \(^.^)/

I really like Hugo’s tail and I tried to show Snowy how fun tail-pulling was on the second lesson.

I wonder why Mommy said ‘No’ to that?

Mommy said I slept like the dead that night and she was very, very pleased!

So tired!

I can’t wait for more lessons! Heehee!

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