Basic creamy soup for cats and dogs

This post will show you how to make BASIC creamy soup for cats and dogs! Who doesn’t like soup? 😛

This is how we get our pets to drink more water (to ward off the Urinary Tract Infection /renal failure demons) and to prevent dehydration on a hot day. It can also be used as an in-between meal snack to supplement main diets. Our cats like milk, but they aren’t crazy about it. So this is what we do to make them slurp away.

First off, you need a milk powder like this:

2013-05-04 23.10.08

Please don’t use the normal powdered milk made for humans! Many cats and dogs are lactose intolerant. We prefer powdered milk because it’s cheaper than packet milk, and once opened, powdered milk has a longer shelf-life. PLUS, we don’t need to reheat/ wait for the milk to warm up before serving!

Also note that some pet milk use wheat, soy and corn syrups, so if your pet is allergic to any of these, please do not use.

2013-05-04 23.10.43

The thicker the milk (the more generous you are with the milk powder), the more fragrant it is, so we suggest that you do not skimp during this step. Our trio have been known to turn up their pampered noses on too-thin milk.

[Edit: You can get this milk powder from any Pet Lovers Centre or Pet Station in Singapore, or other petshops. It is commonly carried at this point of posting. However, for our non-Singaporean readers, Amazon doesn’t carry this as of yet (it’s an Australian product). Well, you can easily substitute this with any other brand of powder pet milk! ]

2013-05-04 23.11.30

You may use warm water to make your milk, if you like.

2013-05-04 10.40.41


If your pet is prone to constipation, you may add some psyllium fibre. If your pet is not prone to constipation and is given enough fibre/fed using supplements with fibre like our Better In the Raw, then you may skip this.

In our other post about fibre, we talked about using pureed pumpkin, so we thought we’d use psyllium fibre here just to show you. In addition, psyllium fibre is different from pureed pumpkin because you need your pet to drink up more if you should choose to us psyllium fibre (or your pet’s constipation will get worse), and sometimes you just can’t get your pet to drink more–hence the need to put it in something tastier, like this basic soup.

A post about pet constipation is coming up, promise! *wiggles pinky finger*

2013-05-05 08.02.53

A tiny pinch, because we’re using it for cats.

For dogs, Dr. Karen Becker of Healthy Pets recommends this:

Psyllium husk powder: 1/2 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight 1-2 times daily on food

2013-05-05 08.03.54

And then… egg! We chose a little quail egg this time round. I love quail eggs–they are so beautiful and come in all sorts of colours. Do soft-boil your eggs before using it for this soup, for safety reasons (you do know where eggs come from, don’t you?) and to make the entire egg useful for your pet. We used to just give the yolk, but these days we soft boil them because our human consumption of egg whites can’t keep up with the pets’ consumption of egg yolks!

Also because…er, it’s hard to separate yolks from white for teeeeeeeny quail eggs.

2013-05-05 08.05.03


You may want to add a sprinkle of Fortiflora OR Bene-bac. Of course if you are intending to feed this soup twice a week or more then you can skip this step for most of the time.

2013-03-09 06.56.01


For good digestion!

And then, stir stir stir!

2013-05-05 08.05.56

You should get something like this, if you added Fortiflora (which is brownish).

And serve!

2013-05-05 08.06.56
Lickity lickity lickity

2013-05-05 08.07.54
SLURRRRRRRP. Winter cleaned up the whole bowl by herself!

This happens to be Winter’s very first time drinking the soup. If your pet is picky, we suggest that you just try serving milk first, instead of using so many ingredients at once, which may go to waste should your pets reject your little concoction! Serving the soup/milk warm may also encourage Poochie or Kitty to sample a lick.

2013-05-05 08.08.59
TRE cats looking disappointed..

“What…no more, mommmmmmmy???” 😦 😦

Try making some basic soup for your cats and dogs today!

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