Easy-peasy steak tartare in a bowl!


(Super backdated post because I tried this out quite a number of times/different styles before putting this up hehe!)

I admit that I do get bored dishing the same raw food for the cats every day! Do the cats get bored? Not really, since they do get some different meat and mixes (plus hey, there’s still taste testing for the lucky furballs). But if you’d like to make something interesting for your pets, here’s what you can do!

Steak Tartare!


(Picture from 123rf.com)

First, a little background…

Fellow blogger WinterTiger went on her honeymoon in Europe and texted me that she’d seen steak tartare in a restaurant for 15 pounds.

‘Raw beef and eggs!’ She said, ‘Isn’t that what we feed our cats?’

We laughed–and then I got an idea!

Easy-peasy steak tartare in a bowl! 

Step 1: 

First up, you need some beef! (Of course, if your pet is allergic, you can use any other meat). But the TRE cats are okay with beef, so beef it is.

Take a small piece of meat and mince it!

photo (4)
The reason why you’d want to try a small piece of meat (about palm sized) first is because your pet may not like his/her dinner steak tartare style, so doing this will save you a bit of trouble if he/she doesn’t want to eat it.

Step 2: 

Now, as we’ve mentioned before, raw meat doesn’t take shape of kibble unless there’s some sort of dry binder, and step 2 will show you exactly that. BUT I didn’t want to use milled brown rice or oat (these are better than wheat), so I decided to use this instead!

You can use any crushed dehydrated food, such as K9 Feline Natural/ Primal Freeze (ugh, yet another backdated post!)/ or you can use a pinch of U-stew/ Better in the raw OR Wysong dream treats like this one here:

2013-05-31 22.11.09

Put it in a baggie…
2013-05-31 22.12.01

And crush!

2013-05-31 22.13.39

Mix it with your minced meat. To minimise bacteria growth, do all the steps as fast as possible.

2013-05-31 22.15.44
Minced meat mixed with a Wysong cookie.

Before you begin arranging your mince mix into a steak well, you may want to soft boil your egg first.

2013-05-31 22.18.24

One egg per mid-sized well, and that’s why this post is a steak tartare in-a-bowl 😉 Since it’s in a bowl, you won’t end up with egg on the floor!

Step 3: 

Lining your bowl with meat (while the egg boils)

2013-05-31 22.19.39

Simply line the sides with meat, shaping it with a spoon/your fingers into a well. Meat should still be cold by now. Use a smallish bowl like the one in the picture and you won’t go wrong.

Yes… this is a cheat-code for steak tartare (hence ‘easy-peasy’, isn’t it?) 😛 !

You probably won’t find such a steak tartare in a proper restaurant hehe. But wait–a more difficult-to-make fido/kitty steak tartare is coming up!

Step 4: 

Crack the egg into the middle of the meat well!

2013-05-31 22.20.10

Step 5:

And…serve! 🙂

2013-05-31 22.20.42

Here are the kitties sampling my little creation…

2013-05-31 22.21.01

Do remember that this cannot be considered a balanced meal! The vitamins and calcium from that one lone Wysong cookie is insufficient. But this does make a tasty light snack or a once-in-a-while dinner treat!

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