Raw-fed benefits: Less shedding!

Y’know how they say keeping fish can calm you down…

But… you can’t do this with fish:

Nope, you can’t cuddle a fish.

The downside is that cuddlefests will invariably leave marks, telling the whole world that you 1.) have a pet and 2.) your pet sheds…and some people will find YOU dirty.

(Number 2 is fine by me, but I’ve met people who don’t like pet shedding. Even humans shed tiny skin dander! geeeeeeeez)

So here’s the magical tool that most pet owners will have!


A lint roller! A godsend for those who love to give their dogs and cats a last-min cuddle before they leave for work, because scotch-tape JUST doesn’t cut it.

They should make a lint-roller discount card for pet owners at Ikea or Daiso! Buy 10 get 2 free or something like that haha.

Anyway, this post is to show you how little raw-fed pets shed. And as we’ve said before, we’ve fed kibble and canned as well–and that’s the period when we mowed through stacks of lint rollers!

First up, we decided to start with a TRE reader’s unsuspecting white cat.  Now this kitty was chosen because she was white (easier colour contrast) but more importantly, out of a kitty trio, she is the only one who won’t eat raw meat. Yep, this is a kibble junkie.

2013-04-18 23.22.18

Unsuspecting fat white kitty.

2013-04-18 23.18.28

Our reader carries Her Hefty Majesty.

2013-04-18 23.18.39

And look at the fur left behind!

Just one cuddle! This kitty is in good health, so the shedding is not due to skin problems!

2013-04-13 20.12.32

This was taken on a separate day, when Her Hefty Majesty sat down on our reader’s lap. And then got up.

And left a clump there.

2013-04-13 20.12.26

Clumpy white fur.

Being a kibble junkie, Her Hefty Majesty is resisting our reader’s attempts to get her to raw. But luckily, the K9 Feline Natural seems to work to get her to eat some raw: generous sprinkles of crushed K9 Feline Natural is needed before she’d even nibble! Shall blog about transiting from processed food to raw soon!

2013-04-13 15.55.44

Her Hefty Majesty’s consorts. They have taken to raw with no problems, and shed much less. Our TRE reader is totally exasperated with White Fat Kitty!

So, here we are today to show you just how much less our raw-fed little ones shed!



A white tee, for dark-coloured Max and Muffin. Chose a cotton tee with slight ribbing because the texture catches fur easily, so that’ll show shedding.


Muffin is so sweet. He lets me toss him around like that. All the time and anytime ;P

[Edit: If your pets are in shedding season they WILL HAVE TO SHED! No amount of raw food will save you :p]

Here’s Max…

Both Max and Muffin allow us to lint-roll them. haha! We tried it out as a joke–since we used to lint roll our clothes, why not lint-roll the fur before it clings on us?!–but to our surprise…they sat back and let us roll the lint-roller over them. haha!

And then I don a black blouse for Faith…


Here’s the video:

Faith did leave some strands of fur on me. Let me zoom in for you!

strands of fur
Yep, that bit over there. Only. Also, sorry for the awkward placement of fur. I swear Faith did it on purpose hehe.

And then I decided to try out Winter when she first came to us…

2013-05-01 13.15.29


Winter is now on a raw diet with us, but the shedding will slowly decrease over a period of time.

So here’s our very unscientific experience with raw-feeding…but it’s an experience that other raw feeders will tell you as well : RAW MAKES THEM SHED MUCH LESS.

And now… did you ever wonder why witches need to have black cats?

Our explanation is simple:






Black cat hair and black clothes go hand-in-hand ! Saves the witches quite a bit on lint rollers! 😛

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