NZ freeze dried green lipped mussels

These have been begging me to get them for a while, so I did!

From Pet Lovers at about $13 each. 100% raw freeze dried.


Natural freeze-dried goodness! I LOVE FREEZE DRIED FOOD–they are so convenient!

I must admit that THESE SMELT…how should I say…they smelt edible. And then I felt silly for hankering after the kitties’ treats. BUT FROM THE APPEARANCE AND SMELL, YOU’D THINK THEY WERE COOKED..

BUT. They aren’t. Is this magic?

Green lipped mussels are good for pets’ joints. Here is a study done by the American Society for Nutritional Sciences. The study done has a control group and is double-blind with 3 repetitions to ensure that the findings were accurate.  To quote them,

‘GLM powder is effective in reducing arthritic signs in dogs when sprinkled directly onto a standard diet or when incorporated into processed treat and main meal products. Total arthritic scores and scores for joint pain and joint swelling were significantly reduced following 6 wk of GLM supplementation in all three forms.’

Those of you with pets suffering from creaky joints, THIS PRODUCT IS FOR YOU! (Disclaimer: I wish I was being paid to write this, but I’m not.)


Surprising number of mussels inside


Each piece is about thumb-sized and feels nice and solid to the touch. Can be cut–I tried, using a good pair of kitchen scissors, but there will be crumbs.


Max comes up first, as always (he’s the greedy one)



It’s a success!

Muffin the Picky Purebred wouldn’t touch it until I broke it into 1/3 piece, but even then he turned up his nose at it at night.

It didn’t matter. The other two couldn’t get enough of it.

Max’s reaction. Faith is busy licking the floor clean of mussel crumbs. :

Muffin’s reaction (I’ve cut his into a 1/3 piece) :

Read Guest Tester Min’s review here! A big thank you to Min and his feline brood!


Sunday Pets Freeze Dried Green Lipped mussel

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