A new baby?

[TRE PET BLOG POST] A new…puppy??? Why yes! Our year-long hunt for a suitable shetland sheepdog has ended! Our dream dog has always been a sheltie and we wanted a puppy so that it could grow up well-adjusted with the… Read More ›

Fatty Goodness

FATS. Fats often get a bad rep just about anywhere–causes heart attack, high cholesterol, etc, etc,.┬áBut you see, that’s because there is too much fat. Too much of anything is undesirable! In moderation, however, fat is excellent–and a must-have for… Read More ›


Feed your carnivore a raw meaty bone! For most of us, brushing our cats’ teeth is impossible–getting their claws clipped, bathing, etc. is already a nightmare. Some dog owners adopted their dogs late in life and may not want to… Read More ›