Quickie breakfast for cats and dogs


This is what you can do!

In my humble opinion–actually I’ve often thought that those who really use this end up not sounding quite-as-humble as they thought–I think that this is the best use for dehydrated products: when you are strapped for time in the morning.

Here’s my favourite product for now:

K9 Natural Feline Chicken and Lamb

2013-03-12 23.37.56

and this:

Ziwipeak venison dehydrated for dogs and cats

2013-03-10 18.57.34

Add a scoop. This K9 Feline Natural scoop is said to be enough for medium to large cats, but I’ve found that it ISN’T enough even for my smallest cat. So actually K9 Feline Natural works out to be very expensive for me. I can probably finish a bag in 3-4 days, and it’s about $50 a bag.

But as I said, it’s meant for morning-rush and for crushing to sprinkle on food.

2013-03-19 23.03.02

PLEASE. PLEASE RE-HYDRATE THE FOOD. I know that there are some pseudo-raw products or kibble-coated-with-raw-but-are-actually-just-kibble out there marketed as healthy for cats and dogs that tell you THAT YOU DON’T NEED TO REHYDRATE, JUST FEED IN SUBSTITUTE OF KIBBLE.

I find it highly disturbing that products that are meant for your pet’s health have instructions that pander to the owner’s laziness rather than truly care for the pet’s health. So the situation is:

1.) You know you shouldn’t feed low-grade kibble, or kibble, so
2.) You buy a high-end dehydrated product because you don’t want to thaw/ prepare raw.
3.) BUT the product is meant to be used without rehydration because companies know you are time-strapped and that’s the attraction of kibble in the first place. So you think that you’re having the cake and eating it: the ease of kibble, without the dangers of kibble!


SERIOUSLY???!?! I don’t even know where to begin.

You care so much about your pet that you’d buy an expensive product, but you won’t take the time to re-hydrate?

One of the points of NOT feeding kibble is to make sure that your pet dog and cat GETS ENOUGH WATER.

SO. PLEASE. Don’t play around with your pet’s health just because you want convenience. And companies ought to have more conscience than to market their products to suit lazy owners, I suppose. Oh well.

2013-03-19 23.03.45
It won’t take long for these little nuggets to bloat up with water. You’ll see that they swell up. haha.

2013-04-06 06.02.30
If you like, you can soft boil an egg for your pet. Do this just before you go into the bathroom, should you want to add an egg for Kitty or Fido’s breakfast. I love eggs because it’s nutritious–one of nature’s best foods–and because it’s a lot cheaper than two scoops of K9 Feline Natural per cat!

And by the time you come out of the bathroom, you can crack your eggs and serve over the re-hydrated K9 Natural.

That is, if you remembered to keep them out of the kitchen, else all the rehydrated nuggets will be gone. That has happened more times than I’d like to admit. haha!

And when you dress up/put on make up, you can feed your pet. Right before you zoom out of the house, you scoop up the uneaten food/dirty bowls and dump it into the sink out of their reach. TADA! Just nice. The whole procedure from rehydration to feeding should be about 30 mins, and in that time period you’d have dressed and gotten ready to go.



2013-04-06 06.04.18
Look at how tasty their breakfast is!

NOTE: Please do not mix kibble with cooked food–yes, even for those that are marketed as raw ‘kibble’. The nuggets that have a raw-coating that people think are good for their pets. Yes, well, sorry–they are still kibble. The two different products digest at separate rates and may give your pet stomach upsets.

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