Raw-fed pet: WINTER IS COMING!

Beware: a deluge of kitten pictures ahead!

One of our readers asked us if we could look after her kitten while she was away on a long trip, because she wanted her kitten to be fed raw and not kibble while she was away. Most boarding places will feed cooked meals, but cooked meals without supplement is dangerous, especially for young kittens.

The Raw Explorer team, thrilled to the gills of having a kitten two whole weeks, of course jumped at the chance!


Photo 16-4-13 8 17 25 PM
Here’s the pretty lady

Winter is a raw-fed kitten, and it was super easy to transit her to raw because kittens typically are not addicted to any foods and are more open to trying new food types. This is the period where Mommy Cat will bring them around to show them what exactly is edible and what is not.

This is why rotation of food should start young!

Photo 16-4-13 8 17 28 PM
With grey fur, hence the name…

Photo 16-4-13 8 17 36 PM

Winter’s owner reported that she took to raw straightaway with no fuss whatsoever.

Photo 16-4-13 8 18 33 PM
She kinda looks like an elf.

Photo 16-4-13 8 21 24 PM
With Big Brother. Big brother orange kitty is on half-raw and half-canned because he’s still not a very consistent raw connoisseur.

Photo 16-4-13 8 21 46 PM
Giving the ‘food face’ together…

Photo 16-4-13 8 21 51 PM
Attacking the scratch post! Bouncing off the walls with energy!

Photo 16-4-13 8 22 25 PM
Big Brother is super tolerant.

Photo 10-4-13 5 42 08 AM
Big ears and tiny paws make for a fabulously cute combination!

Photo 10-4-13 12 07 54 PM
First few meetings…

Photo 16-4-13 8 23 23 PM (HDR)
hey you! *poke poke*



Photo 10-4-13 12 07 36 PM

Too cute for words!

For those of you with young pets, please transit or rotate foods C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y and S-L-O-W-L-Y as soon as possible. This is to reduce chance of picky behaviour especially with cats. Transition done properly should not give digestive issues, but if you are worried, try a bit of cooked meat with your pet first.

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