3 local Schnauzer girls & their raw !

[Reader Contribution]

These 3 pretty girls are raw-fed, and let’s see what their mistress has to say about KIBBLE VS RAW!



I have 3 schnauzer girls and i have fed them kibbles and PMR (prey model raw).

2013-04-20 20.57.59
The Schnauzer girls!

The Kibble Effect: 
When I am feeding the girls kibbles (Acana Fish), I noticed that they ‘vacuum’ all their food and they tend to drink lots more water. Their weight also increase a lot even when I am only feeding them the amount of 4 soup spoonfuls daily. Their poo is huge for small dogs like them. (their weight range from 5.5-7.5kg) and their pee is generally more yellowish and smelly. Same goes for the poo. The smell of their poo is overwhelming to the point that we will always know that they have already peed/pooed.
They tend to have skin bump outbreaks as well.


Raw effect: 
On the contrary when they are on a fully raw diet, it has been noticed that they take a longer time to chew their food and they are able to maintain a healthy weight. (I am feeding them 2-3% of their body weight.). They tend to drink less water too. I also noticed that their pee/poo is less smelly. Quantity of the poo is also significantly less. And the smell, is definitely not as bad as compared to the kibbles. Another good thing about feeding PMR is that i am able to control the quality of their poo. For example if they have more bones in 1 meal, their poo will be more powdery. As for the skin, gone are the bumps outbreak when I feed raw.

The cost of feeding PMR is about the same as when I am feeding them kibble, or  sometimes cheaper. I can also control the quality of the food that they are eating and that I will always know what goes in their food.

The only downside of feeding PMR is that it can be messy but nothing a good wipe cannot handle.



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2 replies

  1. what prey model ratio/ingredients do u use?

  2. Hi am feeding them chicken beef pork duck or whatever meat I can get. For eg chicken I will either give wings or leg and some organ part. Their poo will indicate the ratio to meat bone organ. Too much bone , their poo will be more powdery and dry. Too much organ will be soft. There will be days I gave them just meat. Ratio will be 2-3% of their body weight. 1% of their body weight is to reduce the weight. 2% will be to maintain and 3% to increase.
    For eg if u just wan to maintain their weight just give 2%. If your dog is 5kg, just give 100g of meat bone n organ

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