A new baby?


A new…puppy???

Why yes!

Our year-long hunt for a suitable shetland sheepdog has ended! Our dream dog has always been a sheltie and we wanted a puppy so that it could grow up well-adjusted with the cats, birds and activity around the house.

photo (9)

All puppies are very cute, but please remember to do your check and get from a responsible breeder if you have decided to purchase a puppy. By  ‘checks’ we mean these, at least:

  1. That the breeder is not a puppy farmer
  2. How the breeder keeps the puppies
  3. The temperament of the dam (mom) and sire (dad) of the puppies–make sure you get to meet them both!

You should also ask many questions and expect many questions to be asked of you in return.

Pet shops are the worst places to get puppies because they don’t get enough handling and socialisation from being cooped up daily in those little glass ‘boxes’. We visited a pet shop that happened to be undergoing renovation today…and right next to the horrible drilling were many miserable puppies and kittens! We couldn’t stay in the shop for more than 5 mins and imagine…these poor things had to endure it the whole day/many days. Terrible, terrible. 😦

Anyway look at the toys puppy already has!(Right now puppy hasn’t got a name yet, we’re still deciding!) Mostly pre-loved, washed and disinfected from Oreo–thank you Ms. Oreo!


Oreo’s Mama uses the wool ball as an essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy for Oreo. Will blog a step-by-step guide about it so you can make your very own aromatherapy wool ball for your kitty/puppy to sleep with!

And of course, all puppies need obedience classes, please! No one likes an obnoxious dog, and in Singapore where space is so precious, it takes very little to annoy your neighbours.

Special thanks to Oreo’s Mama and Michelle from Puppupandaway and Maureen from KasPup UniFURsity for answering questions oh-so-patiently. Anxious new pup parent here!

As a side note, Puppupandaway has a puppy class starting soon, so you may want to contact to ask about Pup classes. And for Mr. Pup here, he might be signed up for multiple pup classes because we really want him to socialize with as many dogs as possible in a controlled,  safe environment (note: dog runs are most likely not ‘controlled’ and ‘safe’).

photo (8)

Puppy will be home soon! Right now you can goo-goo over this picture! :p awwww!!!

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