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A little bit of fibre

FIBRE AND BABY FOOD–that’ll be the topic for today, folks! For whole-prey feeders (nobody in Singapore, I daresay, unless you buy live chicks at the pet stores and feed them to your pets, risking social castigating and other general unhappy… Read More ›

Fatty Goodness

FATS. Fats often get a bad rep just about anywhere–causes heart attack, high cholesterol, etc, etc,.┬áBut you see, that’s because there is too much fat. Too much of anything is undesirable! In moderation, however, fat is excellent–and a must-have for… Read More ›

Of Eggs & Calcium

Eggs eggs eggs! Nature’s very own superfood. Eggs are an excellent source of easily digestible protein for your cat or dog, and are rich in vitamins and minerals that they need. Some beautifully mottled quail egg shells. Pets can be… Read More ›