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Thrill 100% Dried Shrimp

Thrill dried shrimp! Singapore stores used to carry Thrill, but for some reason or other they’ve stopped. I find them useful, though! You’ll see later. A little tube… Full of shrimp-y goodness! I like this because it’s dried and I… Read More ›


Adapted from Know Better Pet Food Company’s site: U-Stew for Dogs  U-Stew is a premix for preparing a cooked homemade dog food.  It’s made with 100% human grade ingredients and is suitable for all life stages.  No grains of any kind are used…. Read More ›


IT’S HERE!  In bid to push for healthier pet nutrition, we have done the unthinkable…(what, does one dream of importing stuff from a young age? Really? Apparently we’re not one of those brave souls. I’ve always wanted to be a… Read More ›


Heya folks! Today I’m going to blog about an awesome supplement called Alnutrin. Yes, I have my eye on some supplements for raw-fed dogs, but that will come later 🙂 Hold your horses! Alnutrin is a cat raw diet supplement… Read More ›