Thrill 100% Dried Shrimp

Thrill dried shrimp!

Singapore stores used to carry Thrill, but for some reason or other they’ve stopped.

I find them useful, though! You’ll see later.

2013-04-21 00.30.13
A little tube…

2013-04-21 00.30.27

Full of shrimp-y goodness!

I like this because it’s dried and I can give my cats or dogs an alternative protein easily. Now I can definitely go to the market and get them some raw prawns–and they love it–but phew, their breath stinks afterwards!

2013-04-21 00.31.08

These don’t stink. In fact they are pleasantly aromatic, like the aroma of good, thick prawn noodle gravy (hae-mi in Hokkien).

Besides giving them as treats, you could do this:

Add it to their main meal for a change!

2013-04-21 00.59.43

I’m sorry they look like maggots here! But they are little shrimp. haha

As a side interest, look at what I have here from warming the beef up in a little porcelain bowl:

2013-04-21 00.57.55


Although some may find this gross, it’s good for the pet. Blood contains plasma and fatty acids & amino acids, which will benefit Kitty and Fido.

2013-04-21 00.57.32

All you have to do is to pour the liquid into their meat and they will lick it up. My trio have never left any behind in the bowl. I believe that for them, the smellier it is, the better! Haha

Anyway, as a bonus, your cat or dog will get additional hydration, besides the nutrients in the blood.

Although Muffin didn’t eat his Shrimp treat in the video, he ate the bits that were in his bowl. Probably couldn’t tell the difference after I mixed it with the beef…



As of this writing, we have nearly the whole tube of dried shrimp to share (from the tube you saw in the blogpost) ! Keen to try? Email or SMS us!

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