[Guest Review] Fortiflora & Other Toppings

[By Guest Reviewer WZ & her kitty, Tiger]

Cats, what do we do with them when they simply refuse to eat? A task made even more difficult when its raw food.

I was getting increasingly desperate transiting my one-year old cat Tiger, to raw meat, and on top of that, he was getting picky almost overnight. One day he’s alright with raw beef, but other days, he takes a couple of pieces and refuses to eat anymore.

tiger ignoring the chicken without any toppings

Tiger ignoring the chicken without any toppings

I had been feeding him nearly-cooked chicken for the last few months, before graduating to mostly raw chicken with a 10-20 per cent surface-cook, just to get rid of any bacteria.

Then, one fine day sometime in the last couple of weeks, he absolutely refused to eat chicken any longer.

I switched him to raw beef before trying chicken again, with the same result.

This was when Forti-Flora comes to the rescue. Before I sprinkled this digestive supplement on, I had tried to feed him raw chicken cooked a little more than usual to lure him in, no effect. I had to try THREE different toppings before he finished three-quarters of his food.

First I sprinkled some Feline K9 natural on top, he ate a bit more, and stopped, next i used some fish oil.

putting salmon oil on my second attempt

Putting salmon oil on my second attempt

So now, I’m trying what appears to be the feline equivalent of hash – Forti Flora!! (and you thought that was catnip, didn’t you).

putting some flora on top
Putting some flora on top!

At first, he still didn’t go for it, but then, he caught a whiff of the powder and in an instant, he was all over the chicken. Praise the Forti-flora!

lapping it up
Tiger lapping it up

Other tips: Some owners feed their cats less times a day so that their hunger ensures they really do eat. I cap my feeding times to twice a day now. Its overkill, but I’ve also bought some other toppings such as dried bonito flakes(a type of fish). Some owners also try real bacon bits and cheese.

Tiger lapping up chicken with forti
Tiger eating it up!


[Note from The Raw Explorer:

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  1. Hi, thanks for your reviews about Fortiflora! I’ve been trying to find this in Singapore to no avail. Wondering where abouts do you get yours from?

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