Raw-fed Pet: Muffin

So I was looking at the cats and sighing over how fast they’ve grown.

And here’s a picture of Muffin then and now. At 1 year +, he’s still considered a kitten because Ragamuffins are only fully grown at about 4 years of age. He certainly still acts like a kitten!

2012-01-12 17.19.23

Look at those green eyes!

Muffin was put on a half-raw, half-canned diet when he was first brought home. We shouldn’t have gotten him from a pet shop, Pets Station to be exact, but we couldn’t leave him behind because he was black and no one wanted black cats. (He turned out to be dark chocolate with black points). He was fed Iams Kitten at the pet shop and didn’t like it. He also shed LIKE MAD. YOU COULDN’T HOLD HIM WITHOUT FIRST GETTING A LINT ROLLER.

2012-01-12 07.30.43

First day at home, already exploring like a brave kitty.

But then, we transited him to a raw diet.

2012-01-12 21.00.09

That fluffy belly! Yes he LOVES belly rubs.

Muffin now sheds very little and it’s a great pleasure to be able to hold him even when we wear lighter-coloured clothes and not worry about looking like we’d just rolled in black fur.

2012-11-18 15.22.20

In my friend’s words: you’ve got a huge black panther in your house! 0.0!

He’s a big boy now!

2012-11-18 15.22.37
NAW, ‘huge black panther’ just wants to give you a kitty kiss! He still does this if you pet him long enough, but he doesn’t knead or ‘make biscuits’ like so many other cats do!

One problems of getting a pet from a pet shop is that you don’t know about his origins, or his health history. It was discovered later by AAVC that he had only one testicle (genetic fault) and his neutering turned out to be more complicated than usual. I was so afraid he’d die! X(

So folk, please think again before you buy a pet from pet shops! Get from a reputable licensed breeder instead, or adopt if you can.

2012-01-18 16.51.25

He converted my cat-hating dad into a cat lover!

Muffin still doesn’t like raw food, though, and sometimes would rather go without dinner than to eat raw chicken (if lamb or beef is not on the menu). He prefers pate-style canned food which he can lick up with ease. That means that his teeth is in worse shape than the other two cats’, and he requires more brushing than other kitties do.

(Luckily he’s a ragamuffin through-and-through, he’d stay still for a good teeth brushing)

2012-01-14 14.48.06
First bath time–so squee, right?


Note from The Raw Explorer: 

Have squee-worthy pet-pictures of your raw-fed pet that you’d like to share with everyone? Email your pictures to us at therawexplorer@gmail.com together with a story that you’d like to share! You never know whose mundane day you’re brightening up! 😉

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