Fat pet slim

Nope, this has nothing to do with what you feed. Also I am assuming you are feeding good quality food and not ‘indoor formula’. Read about how ‘indoor formula’ makes your pet fat here.

This is a little trick that I use on myself all the time! Haha!


2013-03-08 21.08.03

A new bowl. Metal ones are the best, followed by ceramic/glass, and the worst are plastic bowls, because they can get scratched and leak chemicals really easily. I haven’t found a nice steel bowl to my liking yet. Pets Kampong sells some kitty-sized metal bowls that are heavy for their size at $14, you might want to check it out. I need them heavy because my cats will surely send them spinning around the house!

Guess who’s the middle bowl for?

2013-03-08 21.08.24

That’s right, it’s for this boy!

2013-03-10 22.31.19

Caught in an unglam moment.

2013-03-10 22.31.44

He wasn’t always this trim. This was taken a few days ago. When I first adopted him, his middle resembled a soccer ball.

Max is so big he dwarfs my friend’s Yorkshire terrier. And he’s just a local cat, not a Maine Coon or anything like that. The problem is, Max would sell his kitty soul for half a mussel anytime, all the time. So he’s often hungry, and will eat uncontrollably.

My vet says he’s huge.  0.0

So this is what I have been doing: using a smaller ceramic bowl for him so that I’d trick myself into thinking he’s got a lot to eat. So far it’s been working!

He’d meow at me and I’d tell him that nope, he’s already got a lot to eat at dinner. I don’t feel bad = he doesn’t get fat !

2013-03-15 10.52.02

The red bowl I usually use for Muffin, because the colour matches their food most, and he needs to gain a lot of weight. He’s underweight for a Ragamuffin. So far it has been working as well.

Small plate = eat less

Big plate = eat more

Colour contrast between plate and food high = eat less

Colour contrast between plate and food low = eat more

Apparently, this is the trick that you should use for yourself during buffets as well, so that you leave feeling completely satisfied but yet you’d have eaten less overall (the important thing is that you don’t FEEL like you’ve wasted your money, right? hoho). Here’s a bit of extra reading for those of you who need to use food psychology on yourself! 😉

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  1. Instead of using a pet feeding bowl, why not just use a stainless steel dish (like those we use for steaming human food)? You can get them (a variety of sizes from palm size to plates that are bigger than your face! =P) from NTUC or any other shop that sells household stuff. Cheap, good and hygienic!

    • We’re currently eyeing a couple of rubber-bottom stainless steel bowls from Pets Kampong. The stainless steel dish (that we use for steaming tilapia!) goes round and round and round…and the cats end up pushing them around. does yours? 😛 Also we currently don’t like those sold at PLC because they’re either too wide or too deep!

  2. What I do is to add those anti-slip bumper like stickers from 3M or some other random household brands under the stainless steel dishes so that they don’t slip and move around when the little furry girl becomes too enthusiastic about getting at the food in the bowl. 😉 Works like magic. Total cost allows me to buy 2-3 bowls for the price of 1 pet dish at any pet shop! =P

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