Low-grade kibble VS Mice

We’ve watched these community cats near where we live for the longest time, from kittenhood to adulthood. Here’s how they fared.

2013-04-07 12.47.06
Huge boy named Pai Kia (because he has a face that looks like he’d love a good skirmish). He’s a youngish cat. Probably 4+ years old.

2013-04-07 12.47.14
He’s really lazy and only eats Friskies and/or Snappy Tom kibble. No wet food. Terrible fur quality. No, it’s not from fighting. He’s too fat and lazy to fight.

2013-04-07 12.47.54
This is Mimi. She doesn’t eat Friskies. She’s about 10++ years old and does her own hunting, because we often see her eating mice and birds. Seldom does she eat kibble, though she drinks from the water container provided. Look at her beautiful eyes and sleek fur!

2013-04-07 12.48.10
She loves rubs. Although we don’t feed her (because there’s a resident homeless cat lady who does) she recognises us anyway and meows when we talk to her.

2013-04-07 12.48.33
Her fur is much nicer than Pai Kia’s. Soft and fluffy even for a stray cat of her age. She’s also nimble and agile. We love watching her hunt.




(hold your breath!)

2013-04-09 00.18.04
(Draw me like one of your french girls??) THE HORROR.

She’s a beautiful cat. BUT. Not only does she eat Friskies, she eats cha kua teow, prawn heads and what-not that diners at the nearby coffeeshop feed her. She’s youngish too, by the way. Her mother lives somewhere nearby and is still far sleeker than this sweet Lard Bucket.

Here’s another one that’s probably go Lard Bucket’s or Pai Kia’s way. He used to be all sleek and lithe as a teenager cat when he was first abandoned near our block. That was approximately…8 months ago? Now he’s ballooning as well, and no longer running around:

Photo Mar 24, 4 10 20 PM

We know that these observations are not scientific in anyway, but there really is a correlation between what an animal eats and what it looks and acts like.

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  1. I like your post here! I love stray cats too 🙂

    • So do we! 🙂 They are often more affectionate than what most people think, and they’d do anything for a rub–those that we’ve ever seen, anyway! Yes, there are cranky ones, but then we humans should be better at learning how to read their body language instead of blaming the animals.

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