Raw-fed chihuahua trio!

Raw-fed chihuahuas!

Ellie is 1/3 of a team of 3 raw-fed agility chihuahuas who have been on raw for three years.  Think that only big dogs should be fed raw? Think again!

Ellie’s coat used to be patchy because he was allergic to many environmental factors, but his human Mom Lisa reports that since he switched her to raw, Ellie’s been much better, and there were far less vet visits. Hooray!



From left to right: Hito, Chimmi and Ellie

Even Ellie’s vet, who is not pro-raw, admitted that keeping him on raw is a good thing because Ellie finally has a full coat and the vet isn’t seeing him at the ‘frequent flyer frequency’.


Ellie eats vegetables and raw meat. In this video however…he eats celery.

Here is a video of Ellie and his celery:


Lisa has tried many things with Ellie, including serving the best home-cooked food, but she found that raw worked for him best.

And look at the wawa trio’s clothes!

2013-04-19 20.31.56

Stuffed to the brim.


And leashes!

2013-04-19 20.31.51


Here are the pampered pups enjoying bully sticks from The Raw Explorer and reclining on the best beds (they have day and night beds, so that makes 6 beds for 3 lucky chihuahuas!)…

2013-04-19 19.09.44


Chomp chomp chomp

2013-04-19 19.09.34


Nom nom nom.

The Raw Explorer team is happy to hear that Ellie’s doing great on raw 🙂 Keep up the good work, Lisa!

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